Accounting 123 - The People who Understand Business Systems!
Accounting 123
Accounting 123 specialise in helping small to medium size businesses harness the power of their accounting and information systems.  Well setup systems are a major factor in helping companies grow.  Systems that do not work properly are frequently the single biggest factor working against an organisation. 
Accounting 123 removes the mystery and makes it easier for businesses to focus on their strengths, in turn helping them to achieve their goals.
Why Accounting 123?
We are the "Hands On People"  -  Accounting 123 have a unique set of skills that sit between your external accountant, your accounting software provider and your computer people.
Where a system needs improving, we can do it for you or show you, simply and straighforwardly, how to do it.  We will not leave you stuck with a set of confusing instructions and not moving forward.
With this unique set of skills we have been able to help businesses navigate through the difficult business of growing their systems as they grow their businesses themselves.
The benefits of utilising Accounting 123’s expertise
Save money – Make more money – Do it with less stress.
Attaché Software have produced a book with 700 practical ideas on how to make your business more effective.  Accounting 123 can help point you in the right direction and assist you with the improvements you identify that will help your business.
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