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Paperless Office
What was once a vision of the future is here now.
The necessary components for a paperless office include:
  • Simple inexpensive scanning to searchable documents
  • Inexpensive data storage
  •  Software enabled with document delivery capability and links to scanned documents
It is all here now.
The benefits are significant:
  1. Save time looking up documents and rumaging through dusty boxes in the storeroom 
  2. Centralised data is accessable to everyone
  3. Save on document storage costs
  4. Cleaner, tidier office with less dust
  5. Work towards becoming a greener business
  6. No need to give your external accountant hard copies of all your data - just a data file which they can access with full data drill down capabilities
  7. Easier to delete data after 7 years than rumaging through old boxes in storage
Accounting 123 can get you started straight away.  It is easy.
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